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5 Simple Rules to be a 'Teen For Kids'
1. No Drugs, No Alcohol.
2. Be Considerate & Supportive
3. Look out for Each other.
4. Walk the Talk.
5. Respect Life.
Be Heard!
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"Finally! Somewhere we can get some honest and real teen information that is not watered down by what adults think. The insight of these teens is what everyone needs to hear to have a clue about what is going on in the lives of young adults."
- Sean Forrest (
Top 10 Things I Wish I knew When I Was A Teenager
Ever look back at moments in your life thinking you wish you had done something differently? Well this insightful essay is one woman's look back... read on to see how it applies to you!


By 'Jenny', from NY
Teens - The Bottom Line - ONE mistake can change your life!!!
Times are tough for kids growing up today as they are overloaded with so much information. Whether it is the media, music, peer pressure, doing well in school or sports, the expectations from others. As kids are overexposed to those advanced behaviors, they tend to need extreme rewards and adventures to be satisfied. These factors make it challenging for kids to make good choices everyday.
A special group of Teens, sophomore through seniors, recognize an opportunity to make a difference. Their stories are below. Just click the button for teen talk. These are real kids, who want to help other kids make better choices.
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» Peer Pressure [girls] «
» True Friendship «
» God in My Life «
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» Self Esteem & Respect «
»  Believe in Yourself «
» Mean Girls «
» Peer Pressure [drugs] «
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» Get Ready for High School «
Jenny's Story, by Morton Dean
A young woman's experience with addiction and recovery sheds light on the use and availability of drugs among teens. This interesting story will open your eyes to the world that is out there.


Special thanks to for providing us this great story.
Teen / Parent Dialog
"If I were a Parent, what would I tell my Kids"
Dave: "If I were a Parent, I would tell kids to not be afraid to be yourself, or who you are."
Luke: "Life is what you make it, it is all perspective. If you are happy with yourself no one can take that from you and in the end that is all that matters".
Sammy: "If I was a parent I would tell my kids to surround yourself with good friends so you don't get caught up in the wrong crowd. You are the company you keep."
Josh: "Be honest to your parents, tell your parents the truth even if you might be punished. It might save your life."
Becky: "High school life is not perfect; nothing is what it seems to be"
Wells: "I would tell my kids that in additions to talking to your parents have someone else, preferably Christian who is a mentor to talk about your life and problems".
Cameron: "Slow down"
"What we teens want our parents to know and understand"
Dylan: "Treat your kids like people, treat them with respect and hear what they have to say."
Matt: "Stick to your punishment, don't cave"
Stephanie: "Your lifestyle reflects who your kids act like; If you don't like the way your kids are acting you need to examine yourself."
Kauri: "Reach out to your kids, remind them that you love and support them."
Nicole: "As much as your kids fight back about rules; kids need boundaries with balance and consequences."
Lindsey: "Don't be judgmental of your kids and don't jump to conclusions"