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"Always be a FIRST-RATE VERSION of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else!"
-Judy Garland
God In My Life, by Matt
There are a lot of things I wish I knew as a freshman coming into high school. Things like its ok to be different, don't sweat the little stuff, surround yourself with good true friends, you don't have to impress the older kids, and many other important things. One thing that I think stands out is the importance of God in my life as I've made my way through high school. Without the strength of God you will not be able to stay strong when it comes to things like peer pressure, and even when it comes to your schoolwork and social life.
When I was a freshman I had a period where I doubted my faith and even the existence of God. I was so caught up in high school things that I totally neglected the most important part of my life, that's my faith. Without my faith I saw my life, in the eyes of a 9th grader unravel around me. My grades plummeted, believe it or not the power of prayer can really help you work hard and organize your time for school. I got thrown off a baseball team for being very disrespectful to the coach because I had lost God and all the morals and values that he brings to my life. I lied to my parents and lost their trust, which is a terrible thing to do and very hard to get back. And on top of everything else, my girlfriend dumped me, and although I would like to attribute that to God, it probably had more to do with me. (joke).
God can be so powerful in your life. Since the time I just mentioned, I took about a week off on a church trip and though about what was going on. I decided to bring God back into my life, and since then have started my own prayer notebook. It is amazing to read through the notebook from prayers several months ago and see how God has acted upon them. There is not one prayer in that notebook that has not been answered in some way, and the notebook is full.
When you have God in your life good things happen to you. Because I have God in my life and pretty strong faith, I've been surrounded by people of the same faith with incredible personalities who I love like family and who care about me. God gives me the confidence to say no sometimes and I never feel alone because I know he is always with me. In high school, not ever feeling alone, or feeling like no one is on your side, is a common feeling that I don't experience because I have God in my life. Having God in my life also gives me a certain amount of pride. We are the sons and daughters of God, the King of heaven. That makes us all princes and princesses of heaven, and that is truly something to be proud of.
There is nothing more valuable then the presence of God in your life, especially during the fragile years of high school. I know I won't do anything too stupid and that I always have someone to turn to when things go wrong because I have God. The only price of having God is telling others about him, and that can be the most rewarding experience of your life.