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"Always be a FIRST-RATE VERSION of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else!"
-Judy Garland
The Power of Family, by Kauri
A woman named Jane Howard once said, "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." My family has always been a really important part of my life, and in high school I have gained an even greater appreciation for my family members.
High school is a time of transition. People change and friendships change. Some friendships last through high school and others do not survive. High school is an awkward time for everyone, and I have found that my family has really helped me get through all the troubles I have faced.
I am one of four children: two girls, and two boys, and I have awesome parents. My dad is the coolest man I know. He is sweet, fun to talk to, and easy to hang out with. We have enjoyed going to see more than a few chick flicks together. I always have a great time spending time with him. My dad is the most considerate man I know. We have our little traditions like Friday morning breakfasts, and him giving me a pack of skittles, my favorite candy, when he is proud of my accomplishments, like scoring a goal or doing mock trial. My dad is a really hard worker and has always put our family first. Now through his devoted work he has been promoted to a job that will allow him to work internationally and I am so proud of him. He has really helped me have a better high school experience. I took Geometry my freshman year and there were many nights when he would stay up late to help to understand what I was being taught. He helps me edit some important papers, and really is not shy with corrections, which can be positive and negative, but it is always helpful. The top reason why he has been a stellar dad is that he has driven me to school every morning this year, which has helped me to be less stressed and to have good father-daughter time. With his support, transitioning into high school has been easier.
My mom is amazing. When I was little I wrote all of my "My Role Model" essays about her and I am still so thankful that she is my mom. My mom is spunky woman, with a great perspective on life. She is an excellent listener, gives valuable advice, and is patient whenever I need to vent. She is a brilliant businesswoman, who gave up her career when we were growing up so we could have her around. I feel so lucky that she was and is always there for me. In high school I have felt especially blessed to have her as my mom. She gives the best advice on friends and boys and how to deal with high school issues. These past few years were tough for me with my friends. I was not always sure who my true friends were and who I could rely on. . There were plenty of times that I felt really lonely and my mom was always to lift me up and help me get through those tough periods.
I have an older sister, Rachael, who was a freshman at the University of Virginia this year. Rachael is my best friend. I am so fortunate to have someone who brings so much joy and laughter into life as my sister. She is the biggest chatterbox, has the best stories, and has a wonderful sense of humor. We have so much fun doing everything together; singing songs out of tune in the car, going to the movies, and just having sister nights at home. She is my biggest supporter and I have missed her so much this year, but she is finally home for the summer. Rachael drove me to school my freshman year and really made my first year at RHS great. She listened to my frustrations and always had a way to make me laugh and be happy. Whenever I felt like my friends were not being loyal, or when I was unsure who my real friends were, I always had her to tell me she loved me no matter what. I can't tell you how much her being my sister has meant to me.
I have two younger brothers as well, Russell who is in 8th grade and Chad who is 8 years old. Russell and I have become closer this year. We are very much a like and sometimes we clash, but our arguments are always silly. He is an amazing gymnast and piano player, and when I can open him up, we have an awesome time. He is such a sweet and caring brother. Russ has a great perspective on life and is so supportive of me. Whenever I am home for the night I have a fantastic time just being with him, making popcorn and watching movies, or DeGrassi.
Chad is one of the funniest kids I know. He is only in second grade but he is already so smart. He has read all five Harry Potter books and the Artemis Fowl books by himself. When I was his age I was still into Amelia Bedilia and the Babysitter's Club series. He has a passion and talent for soccer and is just starting lacrosse this spring. Chad is already a little ladies man and he knows how to treat his sister well. Even though he is only 8 he is one of the wisest and most spiritual people I know. He has a unique connection with his faith at such a young age. Chad has a great perspective on life and always knows how to make my laugh. He makes me feel good about myself and is so loving and compassionate. I am so lucky to have such fabulous siblings.
In high school it has been great to have my family as such a strong foundation in my life. They encourage and love me and help me get through the most difficult of times. When I am sure of my friends I know that I have people that will love me for who I really am.
Sometimes I think that people do not show their family that they cherish their family as often as they should. In high school people are all busy trying to fit in and be liked. As a result, we can take for granted that our family members forgive and love them no matter what. When you make your family your allies then everything can fall into place. Having my family as such a strong foundation has allowed me to branch out and has helped me create better relationships with my friends and peers, and has helped me to have a good high school experience. I have a great family that I love, and if you are frustrated with your own I encourage you to make a big effort to let them in your life and to value them and to take advantage of the love and support they can give. Friends are great but family is what defines us. Family is one of nature's masterpieces, embrace your own.