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-Judy Garland
Doing Fun Things / Volunteering, by Dylan
Hello my name is Dylan, I'm 16 and I'm a straight edge kid and I only hang out with fellow straight edge kids therefore this eliminates the chance of getting caught up in drugs. Since my friends and I don't do drugs, all of those who do wonder what exactly we find fun. And I'm sure all of you here tonight want to know what exactly it is we do
Wiffle Ball
The main group of friends I hang out with all play sports pretty much year round and I'm not that great of an athlete. So since I can't make the teams I just play for fun like at yanity or wherever I can. One of my favorite sports to play is waffle ball and I highly recommend it.
My and friends and I go bowling as much as we can, we just find the sport plain old good fun.
Just stuff to do at home
There's nothing wrong with just staying home alone or having some friends over and popping a movie just to laugh or possibly cry. Just have some friends over for playing cards make it poker night (no money of course that's illegal) just to hangout. Something my friends and I do a lot is play video games, but we like to stick with the classics like original Nintendo and Sega, plus it's cheaper.
For those of you who don't want to just sit at home there are plenty things you can do outside. My friends and I like to bike to town and just ride around or my favorite outdoor activity is fishing. Just get a cheap pole nothing fancy at like Wal-Mart and just go to a lake and fish.
It's ok to do things little kids would do
My friends and I never feel too immature, recently for my friends birthday we rented a moon bounce and had heck of a lot fun on that. Little kid things are fun and remind me of good times.
Get a job baby sitting or something small since you're still young
Get a small job like babysitting that way if you have friends who are using like on a Friday night you'll have an excuse not to go with them. Plus you'll be making the big bucks.
Just hang out at a friends house
I go to the good friend's house almost every Friday for "Friday Night Pizza". There I am surrounded not only by good friends who I love but also adults that I love just as equally and most of the time I forget that they are adults they way we laugh together. Also my friend Matt, his parents are kind enough to open there house to a bunch of rowdy boys every weekend. I have never laughed harder in my laugh then when I'm there and we come up with great things to do which are a lot of fun and the best part is that it's all drug free. One of the greatest things I love about us is I have a friend who has a bar in his basement with no lock on it and we watch TV down there with it right behind us and we don't even think about drinking it and it's only 10 feet away.
Embrace your religion
I love to embrace my religion it is the source of my strength and love for the life I have received. Without my religion I don't know where I would be probably not up here because I wouldn't have the strength to go on.
Community service
There is nothing wrong with community service; you should sign up as soon as possible. I do ASP (Appalachia Service Project) every summer and volunteer at Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen every month. I get no greater joy than helping out those less fortunate than my-self. All of you here tonight are lucky you all have clothes on your back and working house and food every night on the table, not all are fortunate. Last summer we went to West Virginia on ASP and I worked on this house with a hole in the roof and the sweetest old lady lived there. She had lost both of her sons and her husband all in the same year and along with a hole in her roof she was still the kindest lady and energetic. Just to see the smile on her face that we had helped her get her house back in order was more pleasing than any pay check I have received. I highly suggest community service.