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"Always be a FIRST-RATE VERSION of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else!"
-Judy Garland
Mean Girls, by Becky
We all do it. Old and young. Probably since the beginning of time. It is hurtful, and it is mean. It is Gossip, we all know that it is wrong in our hearts. Gossip always seems to be at someone else's expense. The people doing it are making themselves feel better while the person begin gossiped about will feel their self-esteem quickly fade away. I think insecure people are the ones guiltiest of gossip.
There is someone that I know who was being talked about, and it got around to her that this was happening. A group of girls were talking about how this other girl dresses, talks, acts, what her body looked like, and most of all how much they did not like her. Word got back to her that she was being gossiped about and she started to change herself because of those hurtful words. The only thing she claims she had control over, was her weight. Keep in mind that she was anything but overweight. She had what some would say an ideal body. She started taking diet pills. Shortly after taking them she was dropping weight, and eating less and less. I was talking to her one day, and she was complaining about how ever since she started on the pills that her hands are always shaking, and her heart is racing. The diet pills started to affect her health, and some of her friends, including me were starting to get worried about her. We tried talking to her, but she is so fixated on becoming what those other girls thought she should be, that she doesn't care that she is hurting herself. To this day, she is still taking those pills, and my friends and I grow more concerned about her everyday.
We will continue to talk to her and hopefully she will believe enough in herself and trust us enough to put a stop to her destructive behavior. If only the people responsible for hurtful whispers were aware of the impact their words might have on someone's life then maybe they would think twice before being a gossiper.
I think if everyone would live by the saying, if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. A lot of feelings would be spared. We all have feelings, and we all know how we would like to be treated. We should treat all people in that way. Being nice to people and helping them is a great feeling. And feeling good about yourself is something that is so necessary for your well being, especially as a teenager.