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Ten Ways You Can Support Your Son

Click here to read, by By Dr. William Pollack
Boys' needs for our loving support and guidance is finally coming to the forefront of national attention. In my work as a clinical psychologist and in the research I conducted for my books on Real Boys, I have been asked again and again "What can I do today to help my son?" Boys need support from their families, their friends, the extended community, and society as a whole.
Drug Abuse
"Classic signs of steroid use are rapid weight gain, severe mood swings and acne on the back. And if you stop, withdrawal can send a user into an emotional tailspin..."
Read more -> Teens & Steroids : A Dangerous Mix
Building a culture of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention.

Click here to read this powerful essay, by Msgr. Laurence R. Bronkiewicz
Articles By Dads
Our Children Are Our Future A Poem by Joe D, NY

Click here to read this Poem.
The Money Story Teaching your kids about money is the first step towards raising a responsible young adult. Read this article recently published in the Ridgefield Press.

Click here to read this article.
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Teaching Your Kids Self Defense Teaching a child self-defense is an invaluable lesson they carry with them through out life.

Click here to read this story.
Coming And Going One Dad's thoughts before their daughter goes off to college.

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Teens' Are Changing
Online Lingo Baffling!
Even parents who think they're monitoring their children's behavior online may be fooled by the confusing shorthand used in IM and text messages.

Is 6 The New 13?
Four-Letter Words, Provocative clothing, and Attitude with a Capital A!

I'm Not My Child's Friend
The horrendous state of teens today comes from having parents who aren't strong enough to be parents.

Click here to read this insightful story written by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
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Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children
When it comes to talking to our kids about the important issues... , parents just don't do it..

Alcohol and Sexual Risk Taking: What Parents Need to Know

Alarming sexual behavior among children
Description of alarming sexual behavior among children

How to talk to your child about oral sex.
Advice to parents: how to talk to your child about oral sex

Dr. Phil On Alarming Sexual Behavior Among Children
Information about alarming teenage and pre-teen sexual behavior

Be a Man: Also related to this topic.
How to talk to your children about sex in the media, and how to heal or forgive yourself

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Write a Letter to Your Children
Consider writing a letter to each of your children. While anytime is fine, why not make the holiday even more special with a gift from the heart. Last Christmas, I gave each of our daughters a letter expressing what I thought of them, how they affected my life and what I hoped for them. I gave the framed and wrapped letter as their first Christmas gift. It was a special moment. Just like Tim McGraw, my Dad died too young, Tim's song, Live Life Like Were Dying echos for me how were should live life. I hope you take advantage of the time we have on this earth to make a difference. These letters are shown to give you some ideas. Make your someday today and start drafting your letters. After you get this one done, consider writing your own Obituary - asking yourself how will you be remembered ? Start living life now. Celebrate life your family and your children.

Click for a few different types of actual letters written.
10 Things for Parents to Do
1. Teens actually want us to HELP them in a loving and nurturing way.

2. Be their PARENT and LIFE COACH. Finally be there friend when they are 21.

3. Share the LIFE lesson and allow them to GROW.

4. Fight the REAL battles involving our children's safety.


6. Keep a BALANCED and non-controlling approach. As Dr. Bradley said, "Teach them to control themselves".

7. Learn to say NO ! A few amazing teens shared if they were parents today, they would tell their kids that drugs and alcohol will hurt you, it is off limit and NON-NEGOTIABLE.

8. Get on the SAME page as your spouse. NO MIXED messages.

9. LOVE your children with all your heart as they are gifts from God.

10. EMBRACE this opportunity to help our children make better choices.

Ideas for Single Fathers to Connect with their Children
Kids are just young people that need love and respect to grow. Here are some ideas to help you along your way - by Gina Pelella
1. Create a space for your child somewhere in your home. Even if it is just a corner or basket with all his or her stuff. It will help the child to feel like they have a piece of your home.
2. Make and enjoy meals together. A simple sandwich for lunch or dinner or bagels and juice for breakfast. It gives an opportunity for conversation. You don't have to be a gourmet cook. Making pasta, meatballs and sauce are not that difficult with a recipe.
3. Have down time for you and your child. You don't have to plan every moment that you are together. Sometimes just being in the same room together is comforting.
4. Don't force things to happen allow them to just be. Be patient, consistent and give the relationship time to grow.
5. Talk to your kids not at them, while looking them in the eye without distractions from TV or the computer. Ask simple starter questions like; How was your week? Did you meet any new friends this week? What subject is giving you trouble? Try to relate something in your life to what they might be struggling with.
6. Laughter. Lots of Laughter. (Put on some music and dance, that always makes my kids laugh)
7. Let them know that you are a person too. Share something with them that might be bothering you (age appropriate). Maybe someone got you upset at your job and share how you handled it in a kind and compassionate way. Be honest and real but on their level. Let them know you have feelings too without giving them your burdens.
8. Plan a vacation with them. Involve them in researching where they want to go together.
9. Hugs, Lots of Hugs.
10. Kind positive words. Boundaries; don't allow them to run your home just because they are only there for a short time.
11. During time when you are not with your child keep a journal of each day and tell them how you miss them. Talk about something that made your day. Use this tool to talk to your child. Hand the journal to your child and ask them to write in it especially when they are missing you the most and cant get to talk to you. Alternate weeks or days of having the journal so you can write to each other. Don't force them to write at first it will just come naturally.
12. Tell them you love them, hug them, tell them you are there for them. Tell them you love them, tell them you love them.....Be their Parent. Love them, Lead them and set Limits for them.
Other sources of single father information: and
Defining a Healthy Relationship
What is a healthy relationship? It can be with a friend, a partner, a brother or sister or a son or daughter. Strong and growth oriented relationships are built on the following:
Respect Is there a mutual respect for each other?
Appreciation Do you feel special?
Does this person put you first?
Caring Does this person really care about my feeling?
Communication Can I express my thoughts and ideas and feel good?
Is it easy for both people to share and truly listen?
Flexibility Are both individuals open to learning and growing?
Does it allow for differences of opinion?
Trust Do both people feel they can trust each other ?
How do I feel about this person's approach to life and me?
Do we respect each other's privacy considerations?
Giving Do I feel the desire to do good things for this person?
Does this person give to the relationship in a genuine way?
Commitment Am I being my best for this person?
It does not put unrealistic demands on each other?
Control It allows for the equal sharing of power and control, neither one dominates the relationship?
Accepting Can I be myself?
Do I feel any pressure to do things that I do not want to?
Do we work through our differences & feel good about forgiving?
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