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A Father's Perspective
A Father's Perspective: Connecting With Kids is a powerpoint presentation prepared by Michael Petrucelli.

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Teen Attitude & Behavior Survey
Raising children today is both challenging and rewarding. This survey was created for you to look at independently and then ask your Teen to answer the questions. Hopefully it will create a framework for a meaningful discussion with your Teen about life's challenges and how they feel about it all. It may also help to identify any areas of concern. You may be surprised by some of their responses and attitudes. Seek to understand their feelings and views first and look for Coaching opportunities.

  • As a Parent, how well do you know your children?
  • How well do you know their friends?
  • How confident are you that your child will make the right decisions on important issues?

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    DadsForKids was created for You!...
    This site was created as a tool to help parents help their kids. It has since evolved into [hopefully] an eye-opening resource for all age groups and genders. It is our goal to share information which we feel is important toward maintaining a balanced life and harmony at home. We encourage feedback on the steps we have taken toward sharing this information.
    Life is so amazing! I have met many life enabling people along this journey who care so much for children growing up in these tough times. As a work in progress, I continue to evolve and learn so much from others and from our gifted children, while making a bunch of mistakes along the way. Each day I think of these powerful words and strive to turn them into action...Love, Empathy, Character, Compassion, Building relationships & Lasting Connections.

    We are all fortunate to have this special opportunity to share these statements of life, especially with our family and our children.
    Eating Together Builds Stronger Kids & Families
    There are many informative links below on the benefits of eating together as a family. Building and maintaining a strong connection with your children will keep them on the right path. Simple, light fun conversation about each family member's day makes it all worthwhile. Talk about their day, your day, vacation, sports, hobbies, or upcoming events. Make a conscious effort to engage everyone in the conversation. Once a week, consider talking about the highs and lows of the week for each family member.
    While we are all so busy in our hectic lives, the best time to recap the day is dinner time. Many parents are on the go and get home after dinner. So why not challenge yourself to having at least 3-4 dinners a week together. One of my dear friends has breakfast just about every morning with his daughters as a way of keeping the father-daughter bond strong. Another special Dad takes his daughter out a couple times a year for a quiet dinner to show how a man should treat his daughter on a date. We do our best to make Sundays a peaceful family day.
    The best family meal experiences are where there are no distractions. So let the phone machine answer the calls, and enjoy your time together. Europeans really have it right, making their eating experience a wonderful family time to share and stay connected to each other. They also enjoy a relaxing walk together after dinner.
    Include your children in the meal decisions and encourage them to get involved in preparing and cooking the meals. Make a simple menu for the week and who is going to take the lead. Don't forget about having fun with dessert. Make food and eating together a fun experience! Check out for 30 minute meals and other great ideas.
    The word from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University says, just breaking bread together can have a profound impact on kids. "Parental engagement is the thing that will have the most influence over your children's decisions as to whether or not to smoke, drink and use illegal drugs," said CASA spokesman Richard Mulieri.
    Click on the websites below to find out more about making your family meals fun.
    Things to Do in THIS Lifetime
    Visit the Country & Walk the streets your Ancestors called Home… Fly over the Grand Canyons in a Helicopter… Take a Hot Air Balloon… Ride down the Grand Canal in Venice… See the Blue Grotto… HUG your Kids… Teach a Class… Become a Friend to Kids… Coach Kids Sports… Let Children teach you… Appreciate Life… Learn a new language… Hang up on Lawyers & Telemarketers… KISS Someone passionately in public… Have No Regrets… Let GO of the Issues that hold you back… Let everything Change all the time… Laugh more Often… Plant a Tree in memory of Someone Special… Make your own Wine or Beer… Learn to Ride a Harley Davidson… Climb a Mountain… Make Time for Yourself… BE Yourself… Overcome ALL of your FEARS… Live in the NOW, because Tomorrow may never come… Understand that being a Historian, may not be a good thing… FORGIVE Yourself and Others… Write your own Obituary, How do you want to be remembered?… Get Involved with Your Community… Learn the Art & Joy of Giving… Pay it Forward… Trust God… Believe… Let GO of the Why… Control the Controllables… Admit you don't know all the answers… Listen, Change, Evolve, Observe, Learn… Reflect on What's Important and What's Not… Learn Patience… Surround yourself with the people you love… Visit Yellow Stone National Park… Adopt a Dog…and The "Body For Life" Program… Be Good to Your Environment (Mother Earth)… Be Spontaneous… Get Yourself Organized… Reflect on What You Learned This Past Year… Share your Gifts & Dreams… Take Chances… BE Real… Live Your Life, because it's only YOURS to LIVE… Welcome Miracles… Thank God Constantly…and Find Inner Peace!
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